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Specialist Equipment Suppliers

Over the years iSSUK has developed world class leading products, such as the TiV (Thermal imaging Viewer), PSS (Personal Surveillance Sight) and TSS (Thermal Sighting System) and with direct sales within the UK, and distributors in Asia, India, Europe, Australia, South Africa and South America, iSSUK has an international reach and penetration to capitalize on the huge market opportunity worldwide.  We are now embarking upon a new growth stage and introducing new thermal and night vision products to our range, as well as targeting new markets for its existing product set.

In partnership with ISS Thermal (UK) Ltd, TGA Solutions provides a full and complete compliment of Night Vision devices, Thermal Image and Sighting Systems. Please feel welcome to visit the ISSUK web site for technical details.

Thermal Image Systems

Infrared Security Solutions (UK) Ltd (“iSSUK”) is a privately owned UK company specializing in the development, manufacture and distribution of thermal Imaging Systems and night vision products primarily for the defence, military and border security markets.

They are a highly innovative company with many years of experience within its target market, which is why TGA Solutions has chosen them as their prime Thermal and NV Systems partners. iSSUK has successfully developed and patented innovative new products and achieved consistent market penetration over the last 10 years, whilst also securing a reputation as a trusted partner to its suppliers, distributors and end customers internationally.

​Solution Providers to Global Military & Security Forces