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​Having undergone extensive trials with the British MoD Tri Services, we are pleased to announce that
BlastSax® have been proven to be effective against small terrorists explosive devices that threaten the
safety of our communities.  Our product, BlastSax® can be used in conjunction with a bleaching agent
i.e. Tropical Bleach.  BlastSax® are lightweight, can be moved into position easily to protect and defend surrounding areas.  BlastSax® are also extremely useful in capturing fragments from explosive devices and will help forensic teams in evidence gathering.

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The BlastSax®,  this is a lightweight flat absorbent pad which can be hydrated in the field to create a blast and fragmentation protection barrier this system also preserves valuable forensic evidence.

BlastSax® can be used to either form a rapid cover to an IED/EOD threat, preventing the danger of fragmentation or blast or for  a defensive position for troops

BlastSax® unique design will allow the user to build a stronghold which will withstand small arms ammunition fire as well as blasts from grenades.

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BlastSax® are a major development and addition to the tool kit of EOD Team's around the world.

BlastSax®  can be easily transported to the location of the threat and placed over the IED to minimize blast, fragmentation, heat and flame that is usually present for all explosive events. Forensic evidence is also more easily collected when BlastSax® is used

​BlastSax® are supplied in cases of 18 and each case has 3 vacuum packs of 6.


On the 4th March 2015 a Japanese 240mm shell was found during construction works. These rounds weigh in the region of 200Kg and pose a significant threat; their original purpose was to take out concrete positions, such as pillboxes. This particular item was located approximately 20meteres from the main electrical cable supplying power to a large section of the island and in close proximity to a gas main. The location and condition of the round made it impossible to move. It has become a standard practice for us to use BlastSax in at least the two initial layers (before then applying additional layers of sandbags) when bagging items of ordnance. In this particular case the main reason was to reduce fragmentation (in the event of a high order) and act as an effective tamp for the explosive charges - when on hillsides during the dry winters here we have also found that the layers significantly reduce the chances of hill fires. A series of charges were used to crack the shell casing, each time using the same bagging method. The operation ended after three days with a final controlled (albeit, rather spectacular) detonation of the remaining portion with no damage to either the power cabling or gas main resulting. I shall view your MK IV BlastSax video with interest,-  your current product is now standard issue to all teams in the Bureau.
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